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Longcheer Yacht Club

Shenzhen, China

Set on the Dapeng Peninsula, part of the Daya Bay in Nan’ao, Shenzhen, on a narrow strip of land between Daya Bay and the Yashan mountain range, Longcheer Yacht Club, designed by SAOTA was envisioned not just as a new flagship yacht club and hotel, but also as a catalyst to promote yachting culture and encourage public interest in marine sport.

Project Information

Completed 2019
Project Type:
Mixed Use
Project Team:

Phillippe Fouché, Stefan Antoni, Greg Truen, Dani Reimers, Ke Lu, Theo Gutter, Mike Wentworth and Henry Abosi

Architects: ZHUBO Design Group
Lead Architects: Guochuan Feng, Yali Huai
Engineer: ZHUBO Design Group
Landscaping: Metrostudio
Yu Bai