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Professional Architect
Cape Town

Category: Architecture
Reports to: Directors / Team Leaders

• Interpret and understand the design brief
• Produce all documentation relating to the design including;
– Drawings
– 3D models
– Images
– All other documentation relating to the design and according to the project brief.
• Assist the Team Leader and team with the co-ordination of the project team and Project program.
• To develop and be responsible for certain aspects of the project design and development (for output and programmed work (i.e. deadlines)
• Liaison with External Consultants, Contractor/Site, Architects of Record as well as with the Client.
• Ongoing desire to stay updated on latest architecture and design trends and technology.
• Thorough knowledge of, and compliance with, all SAOTA systems, standards and procedures.
• Able to work within a structured document management system and be accountable for upholding that system.
• To contribute, or otherwise assist as required to provide project teams with a full Architectural service covering both presentation and contractual material

• Registered as a Professional Architect
• Minimum 5 years work experience.
• Project experience: Minimum of three project types and completed a min. of 2 projects in last two years. Involvement in all stages of project scope
• Project experience in multi-disciplinary projects in SA / abroad for min 1 year
• Project Experience: Min. two years’ experience in financial management and profitability. Familiarity and intrinsic awareness of performance/profitability
• Ability to coordinate multinational project teams and clients
• Ability to work in a complex multi-cultural / language environment
• Identifies and shares innovative ways of improving current systems and processes
• Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite.
• Displays above average leadership skills.
• Ability to manage a team of six core staff for a minimum of three years
• Ability to understand and formulate design concepts and present for discussion
• Ability to use a variety of media and software in the development and documentation of a design project
• Creative and produces world class designs
• Exceptional leader and collaborator in innovation, design and displays good design skills
• Design lead on 50 – 70% of sub-team projects
• Ability to accurately understand and interpret instructions.
• Understanding of the production process, including applications of different file formats
• The ability to learn and demonstrate creative problem-solving skills
• Able to set and achieve deadlines and give regular updates on progress
• Methodical, accurate and consistent attention to detail
• High levels of communication and easy to work with. Excellent clear and succinct thinker.
• High accuracy levels in decision making.
• Possesses good judgement.
• Leads SAOTA relationship with private / institutional clients.
• Clear Vision and Strategy (company and team)
• Able to manage sensitive and sometimes confidential information
• Able to remain calm and work in pressurised environments
• Self-motivated and able to take responsibility
• Demonstrate initiative and be pro-active towards daily tasks
• Able to build good relationships at all levels both internally and externally
• Due to the nature of the position there will be a requirement to work additional hours as necessary, this may include weekends occasionally
• Enthusiastic and positive attitude towards personal growth and development in the company
• Directly involved in team selection and recruitment.
• Day to day operational management of teams
• Team player
• Empowers Team and mentor’s peers

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Lumion Production Manager
Cape Town

Category: BIM / CGI

Reports to: Head of BIM & Directors

The Lumion Production manager is responsible for overseeing the Lumion output throughout the architectural studio. This includes the creation & implementing of procedural guides assisting users reach an approved level of quality on a consistent basis. As Lumion production manager, the role is not limited to managing established standards but also includes strategic feedback on improving our Lumion benchmarks, capabilities & efficiency.

Including, but not limited to (and with approval);
• Vision & Goals – Establish & communicate the vision & goals for Lumion, short & long-term.
• Office Productivity – Manage consistent & efficient deliverables throughout the office.
• Office Benchmarks – In collaboration with Studio, define and maintain approved quality standards.
• Quality Control – Actively review studio deliverables, identify weakness & ways to address these challenges.
• Material Library – Manage
• Component Library – Manage
• Training – Upskill architectural staff on Lumion & established office systems.
• Model Optimization – Assist the studio with managing file size & render times on large projects.
• Custom Materials – Create project specific material requests.
• Research & development – Ensure we remain at the foreground of Lumion & CGI technology.
• Support – Help users with project related challenges & questions

• Problem solve, exercise judgments, and make decisions.
• Manage a varied and complex workload
• Manage the day to day elements of the department to ensure deadlines & expectations are met / exceeded.
• Plan, organise, and delegate work to achieve desired results.
• Good spoken and written communication skills
• Present facts and recommendations effectively in oral and written form.
• Define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions.
• Develop working relationships with a wide range of people and cultures
• Accept ownership and deliver on commitments. Hold self and others accountable for required work output and standards, acknowledging mistakes, and taking corrective action.
• Views own team as an integral part of the bigger organisation with a common goal
• Leads by example
• Relevant computers skills and systems knowledge
• Perform this job successfully, must have sound Lumion & architectural visualization knowledge as well as in-depth understanding of the software interoperability between Autodesk Revit & Lumion.

• In depth knowledge of Autodesk Revit & Dynamo.
• In depth knowledge of the BIM methodology, all it represents & international trends.
• Knowledge of the budget process.
• Ability to transfer knowledge and skills to the users
• Results driven and strategic focus
• Ability to read, analyze, and interpret the most complex documents.
• Actively seeks assignments and other on-the-job opportunities to improve self.

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