Innovation, collaboration, and inspiration are the cornerstones of SAOTA’s commitment to shaping the future of architecture. During the July university break, SAOTA proudly welcomed a cohort of ten talented students from diverse local and international institutions to embark on a groundbreaking internship program. These young minds, all in the final year of their Bachelor of Architecture studies, delved into a three-week immersive experience that unveiled the inner workings of SAOTA’s design process and ignited their architectural passions.

The program provided a window into SAOTA’s universe where interns were exposed to ongoing projects, had the privilege of visiting completed SAOTA homes, familiarized themselves with our cutting-edge systems, collaborated with our research team, imbibed the essence of our vibrant culture, and contributed to a meaningful corporate social responsibility initiative close to our hearts.

Hape Matheka, one of the aspiring architects, shared her admiration: “I found the company to be very organized. It seemed to me like this place takes care of its own, and every person from all departments was very friendly and happy. It must be an excellent place to work if the entire staff is this happy.”

She also noted, “The number of activities and social events to bring people together really revealed to me how important the well-being of the team here is to the company. The internship allowed me to learn and grow personally and professionally.”

For Kiara Skors, the experience was nothing short of amazing: “The company as a whole had a lovely vibe throughout every aspect and department. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and willing to help in any circumstance. It is a very comfortable and fun workplace environment.”

Describing her highlights, Kiara expressed, “Getting to work with the architects and seeing their projects while also being able to design/work on an element within the project. Seeing what the working world is really like and what we could expect when we start working in the new year.”

Daniel November’s reflection encapsulated the holistic nature of the program. He described the balance between rigorous work and engaging activities, underscoring the office’s ethos of continuous learning and inspiration. “Always learn new things and be inspired by breathtaking projects,” he affirmed.

SAOTA’s intern program isn’t just about introducing fresh minds to the field of architecture; it’s about fostering an environment where curiosity flourishes, creativity is nurtured, and collaboration creates magic. The testimonials of Hape, Kiara, and Daniel stand as a testament to the transformative power of this program.

As the interns return to their academic pursuits, they carry with them the experiences, lessons, and connections that will undoubtedly shape their architectural journey. At SAOTA, we remain committed to nurturing talent, pushing boundaries, and redefining the architectural landscape, one internship at a time.