The Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India) invited SAOTA Principal Phillippe Fouché to speak at the National Conversation (NatCon) 2022 in Mumbai this past weekend.


The two-day conference was held at Sahara Star Hotel in Mumbai with well-known industry experts such as Michel Rojkind from Rojkind Architects, Kai-Uwe Bergmann from BIG, Mariana Gabugueira from Hadid Architects, and Hamid Hassanzadah from Parametric Architecture leading talks. The convention hosted 1800+ delegates with nine international and nine national speakers presenting on the topic: The Future.


Phillippe opened the conference and shared insights around The Future of Spaces. The talk was centred around the idea of future spaces being open to nature – responding to its primal landscape, having a strong connection and relationship with its environment and inviting light in – being flexible, community orientated and energy efficient. All core principles embodied in SAOTA’s practice and the studio’s values, Light Space Life.


We’re honoured to be part of a dynamic conference and to share thoughts and ideas about the future of design.