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Senegal, West Africa

The development in the Mermoz-Sacré-Coeur district in Dakar is comprised of 3 multi storey luxury apartment blocks namely: Tarou, Encore and Kebe. The contemporary aesthetic of the entire development is combined with reference to the African skill of weaving and gives the scheme a uniquely textured and layered facades whilst retaining a distinct language for each block.

Project Information

Under Construction
Site Area:
4 200 m2
Project Area:
17 626 m2
Project Type:
Multi Residential
Project Team:

Philip Olmesdahl, Bobby Hugill, Rishaad Vally, Andre Wiese, Pieter Slabbert, Ashley Erlangsen, Anna Longrigg, Thinus Venter, William Meli & Alison Daniels.

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