On Thursday, 3 November 2022, SAOTA opened its doors to 160 architectural students in and around Cape Town and offered a tour of our studio. 


SAOTA invited Architecture and Architectural Technology students from first year to masters to experience the studio first-hand. Students were given a tour of the Resource Centre and how it works. It’s a new development for the studio; it’s an architectural systems and materials library which is both physical and virtual and it allows staff members to access and browse curated information for any project. Choosing materials for a project has been made easier and simpler by having this information easily accessible.


Students got to experience VR with the BIM department and virtually walk through some of our projects. SAOTA is at the forefront of tech within the industry, and we use VR as a design practice to understand the complex contexts of projects.


Together with snacks and drinks, the students attended a presentation from SAOTA Principal Stefan Antoni and one of our Senior Associates, Philip Bartman. They shared who SAOTA is, our processes, design values, our culture, and the mentorship program and the support given to students. They also heard about our learning and development sessions offered through Design Fridays, RAD and Blink presentations that take place within the studio. 


We gave away five LIGHT SPACE LIFE books to end the evening. 


Thank you to those who joined us. To find out more about our intern and FYO job application positions, please visit our careers page on our website – https://saota.breezy.hr/