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Private Res

Rabat, Morocco

Located on a vast open plot in Rabat, Morocco, the 21 971 m2 level site offers ample space to accommodate the extensive brief of, private quarters for the client, luxurious resort-like guest villa’s, communal facilities, staff quarters and sport fields stretched across the site, permeated with Andalusian style courtyards, surrounded by a palmeraie. The architectural intervention becomes an oasis in a desert-like landscape.
The project is inspired by the elements: earth, sky, water and fire. Courtyard spaces and dramatic thresholds layer the spatial experience of the precinct and maximise privacy between the villa’s and the private residence. The project seeks to provide a direct connection between man and nature by leaving many elements of the design raw and honest to its surroundings.

Project Information

Site Area:
21 971 m2
Project Area:
4 239 m2
Project Type:
Single Residential
Project Team:

Greg Truen, Roxanne Kaye, Pierre Du Plessis, Nina Claassen, Rowan Bursey, Jo Nel