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Adaptive Reuse Retail

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A 50,000sqm commercial and retail precinct in the heart of Dubai, was designed to celebrate the rich cultural and architectural heritage of the region, through an “adaptive reuse”

Numerous small shops and studios are set around wider public spaces to create a rich and varied urban tapestry.

This design aesthetic seeks to blend vernacular fabric with contemporary urban working and living so as to create rich and layered architecture that moves away from the conventional mall experience towards a vibrant and culture-inspired retail precinct.

Project Information

Site Area:
250 000 m2
Project Area:
200 000 m2
Project Type:
Mixed Use
Project Team:

Philip Olmesdahl, Tamaryn Fourie, Joe Schutzer-Weissmann, Nasreen Larney, Yolande Kluth and Raz Mseleku