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, United Arab Emirates

This 825 square meter prototype villa in Al Jubail, Abu Dhabi, artfully integrates with its natural surroundings, prioritizing courtyard living and thoughtful design. The U-shaped overall form, accentuated by decorative screens, centres around a double-height ‘loggia’ facing the water, embodying openness, privacy, and a profound connection with nature. Through the strategic use of thresholds, courtyards, and a meticulous arrangement of vertical and horizontal elements, the architectural design seeks to provide an immersive experience while ensuring privacy.​

The materiality of the design embraces earthy tones; the exterior features natural stone cladding and off-white plaster that seamlessly blend with the sandy beaches. The addition of a bronze-anodized roof contributes to the overall sophistication.

Internally, the warm spaces are crafted with Oak timber ceilings complementing darker soffits. Inspired by mangrove shadows, the interior narrates a captivating story of light and dark contrasts.​

Green Oxidized Copper Screens echo the tones of the tropical surroundings. This aesthetic reflects the tranquility and sophisticated elegance synonymous with Al Jubail Island living. ​

The clients warmly received the 100%DC submission, which also included two material options within a similar earthy palette. We eagerly anticipate developing the project further in Schematic Design.

Project Information

Site Area:
48 382 m2
Project Area:
8 252 m2
Project Type:
Single Residential
Project Team:

GROUP LEADER: Philip Olmesdahl ​
TEAM LEADER : Bobby Hugill​
PROJECT TEAM: Altus le Roux, Ariella Eisenberg ​
LUMIONS: Altus le Roux, Ariella Eisenberg