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, United Arab Emirates

Nestled between the mangroves of Al Jubail Islands, this 2000 square meter villa seamlessly integrates into its natural surroundings and offers captivating views of the Abu Dhabi skyline. The design is intended to be one of 3 “VVIP” ultra-luxurious villas in the development. The elongated plan is arranged along an east-west axis facing the view and the waters edge. As with almost all middle-eastern homes, the “family” and “formal” zones are carefully separated, with a prominent forecourt providing the appropriate sense of occasion and glamour to the formal arrival experience. ​

The villa’s design draws inspiration from a floating lantern above tropical waters, manifesting in a celebration of the double volume formal lounge, distinguished by a bronze finned screen. The family side, characterized by a plinth and sliding planes, ensures privacy and thoughtful division of spaces.

Bronze-anodized screens takes centre stage, adorning external elements with sophistication. Meanwhile, natural oak accents within the formal foyer and ceiling regions provide natural warmth. This fusion of materials, from travertine and marble to bronze and oak, constitutes a symphony of architectural finesse, where every detail resonates with tranquility and timeless elegance. ​

The commercial clients, with exceptionally high expectations, were impressed with the grandiose nature of the villa after DC presentation. We look forward to further development and refinement in the SD stage.

Project Information

Site Area:
43 882 m2
Project Area:
20 002 m2
Project Type:
Single Residential
Project Team:

​GROUP LEADER: Philip Olmesdahl ​
TEAM LEADER : Bobby Hugill​
PROJECT TEAM: Altus Le Roux, Anné van der Hoven, Ariella Eisenberg​
LUMIONS: Anné van der Hoven, Ariella Eisenberg