In recognition of noteworthy contributions to architecture, Kloof 119A, located in Higgovale Cape Town, has been awarded a 2019 Cape Institute for Architecture (CIfA) Award.

The annual CIfA Awards Ceremony was held on Wednesday, 2 October 2019. CIfA is the largest regional architectural body in South Africa and recognises exceptional architecture throughout the country. Fifteen award-winning buildings were selected from ninety-two entries this year.

Kloof 119A, a multi-award-winning project, has a unique inverted pyramid roof which captures views of Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Signal Hill and the city of Cape Town. The architecture is shaped to take in as much of the surroundings as possible which also opens the views to the sky, heightening the connection to nature by bringing the sun and moon into the home.

“The house offers an intense experience of ‘dwelling between’,” states the CIfA AFA 2019 judging panel. “Between the outside and in; between the nestled enclosure and expansive openness; between raw nature and the refined man-made.”

The house is arranged on three levels, with garages and services at the bottom, bedrooms in the middle and living areas on top. In and around the rooms, there are planted courtyards – pockets of greenery – that make you feel as if you are surrounded by landscape.

“In the way that it makes the best possible opportunities for living in, and on, the site; that takes full advantage of the connections to the surrounds, it is an accomplished piece, deemed worthy of a regional Award for Architecture,” further stipulates the judging panel.